Garret Quincy

About Me

i was born and raised in davis, california. lived and worked in yolo county till i decided to have a go at living in china. i've spent the past year polishing up my chinese and photography skills.
with each new camera has come a new personal development in photography. after i got my hands on my canon a-1 that i really fell in love with photography. then after i got my dslr i started to pay attention to what i was doing. i started using a ricoh rangefinder and found what i would call a style.

you can purchase selected prints from my behance collections


bodies: canon a-1, 500d, powershot a570, ricoh 500g, yashica-d
lenses: a fast 50mm is always preferred
film: cheap fujifilm, lucky shd100, anything slow
darkroom: ilfosol3 and cheap chinese fixer
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